In addition to our main track at Springfield Park, we have a portable track
which visits various events around the area to provide rides for children of all
ages. This is 100 feet long and being a straight track, we run out and back
rides, normally two runs each way would constitute a ride.
Because erecting, running and dismantling the track requires a significant
effort from members, we only take on a limited number of outings a year.
Some are regular, others just one off events, if you have an outdoor event
and would like us to bring the track along, please contact our Secretary Len
Uff on 0161 928 5012 to discuss the availability and terms.

Special Events
We will open and run special events at our Track in Springfield Park during
the week and on Saturdays.
This is especially suited to larger groups such as schools.
Please contact our Secretary, Mr L. Uff on 0161 928 5012 or Chairman Mr. P. Humphereys 07795 832542  to discuss your requirements.